Texar Line Clearance is committed to providing its employees with the safest and healthiest work environment possible. The purpose and goal of the Safety and Health Program is to provide a positive working environment and an injury free workplace for all its employees, contractors, and the public. In recognition of the responsibility of Texar Line Clearance for its employees and the need to establish a policy with regard to the prevention of on the job illnesses and injuries, the Safety and Health program was developed. Texar Line Clearance is committed to complying with all pertinent legislation including the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Texar Line Clearance employees devote serious attention toward making the Safety and Health Program an integral part of the daily operations. Texar Line Clearance believes that no job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely. We have a full time Certified Occupational Safety Specialist on staff who assists in ensuring a consistently safe work environment. Our safety department consistently engages in job site visits and work observations, truck and equipment inspections, DOT compliance, and safety audits and reviews.

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