Our Services

We are a utility contractor specializing in right-of-way clearing, land development, agricultural reclamation, mechanical tree trimming, utility pole inspection, vegetation program management, dead fall cleanup, gravel road construction, tree growth regulator application, and brush clearing.

Texar Line Clearance provides a variety of services to utility companies including:
• Right of Way Clearing
• Excavation and Land Development
• Drainage Ditch Clearing
• Agricultural Reclamation
• Mechanical Tree Trimming
• Utility Pole Inspection
• Vegetation Program Management
• Dead Fall Clean Up
• Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) Application
• Brush Clearing and Gravel Road Construction

Storm Response
The aftermath from ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters can be devastating. Texar Line Clearance is always ready to respond with the experience, equipment and manpower to handle any situation. After we are notified, we send out a rapid response team to assess the situation, Our crews and equipment are then quickly deployed to the areas they are needed. Texar Line Clearance is always standing by and will be there to assist you in recovering from any natural disaster.

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